Buildings account for about 30% of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and globally. It is therefore critical that both new buildings and renovation projects are designed to minimise energy consumption and to enable environmentally sustainable ways of living.

Our office is committed to designing energy efficient, socially responsible buildings.

We focus on the following sustainable design principles:

* Optimize energy performance. Energy reduction strategies for buildings include thermal insulation, natural light, passive solar heating, control of heat gain, heat recovery, occupancy sensors, and others).
* Optimize site and location. Consider the cost and environmental impacts of existing structure reuse vs. new construction.
* Use water more efficiently.
* Use environmentally preferred products.
* Enhance indoor air quality.
* Optimize operational and maintenance practices (encourage building operators and maintenance personnel to participate in the design development stage).

For each project, we determine, with our clients, the right environmental targets and strategies, given the location, program and budget. Our staff are qualified and experienced in the design and management of LEED® certified projects.