912 Saskatchewan Crescent Revitalization

Saskatoon SK, 2004

In the early 1980`s a major addition made this 1920’s home brought functional issues with it.  See below ‘before’ photo.  In order to return character back to the home’s facade, the  roof structure underwent dramatic reconfiguration.  The biggest design challenge was understanding how the existing structure was built and ensuring all new roof load bearing points were continuous to the foundation.    The scale of the front façade was improved by pulling the exterior 2nd floor wall back 6 feet from the main floor exterior wall line.  To improve thermal performance, the exterior of the home was wrapped with 1 ½” rigid insulation and new windows with historically sympathetic muntins were introduced.  The main entrance is enhanced by a canopy flanked by columns and a new flared concrete stair orientated to the front sidewalk.  This project was recognized with a Saskatoon Heritage Design Award and a Lieutenant Governor General of Saskatchewan Heritage Architecture Excellence Award for Adpative Reuse, Renovation and Restoration.



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