Dakota Dunes Casino

Whitecap Dakota First Nation, 2007

This 6,450 square metre facility boasts a 1,500 square foot gaming floor served by a buffet style eatery and several beverage bars.  The gaming floor is support by a large back of house including a commercial kitchen, warehouse, staff offices, and dedicated gaming maintenance areas.  The casino is complemented by a live entertainment area that doubles as a set of banquet halls thanks to the flexibly designed floorspace.  The facility had to consider a link to a future hotel/convention centre which has since been constructed.  In 2008 an enclosed gaming area was added to accomodate smoking.  Great care was taken to incorporate indigenous themes into the design according to feedback from local community members and Elders.

Structural: BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd.

Mechanical: Cochrane Engineering

Electrical: Hall Engineering

Interior Design: Thalden Boyd Architects

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