Opimihaw Run

Saskatoon SK, 2010

Named for the creek it overlooks, this home features 700 square feet of studio space, seamless glass corner windows and polished concrete floors.  The home was designed to heat and cool itself as naturally as possible: the concrete floors act as a heat sink to retain as much heat as possible from the in floor heating.  Strategically placed louvres make for passive solar gain, but block direct sun penetration.  A white granular roof reflects the sun reducing interior heat gain and rooftop rain collectors are capable of storing 3,000 gallons of water at a time to reduce water use.  The landscaped area is restricted to 6 metres around the home to minimize watering needs and respect the natural prairiescape.  The home was also developed with lifecyle considerations such as an elevator shaft should accessibility needs arise in the future.




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