Sweetgrass School

Sweetgrass First Nation SK, 2024

This new school for Sweetgrass First Nation features 12 classrooms, a Daycare and Headstart, a Cree Language room, a combined Science/Multipurpose Room, a Resource Room, and a full-sized gymnasium with a mezzanine level indoor running track.  The project will include site development, landscaping, and sports areas and is scheduled to begin construction in early 2024.  The school was designed to achieve the CAGBC Net Zero Carbon Ready standard and will result in a 3,871 m2 facility.  Preliminary design was done in collaboration with Tawaw Architecture.

Structural: BBK Engineering Saskatoon Ltd.

Mechanical: Daniels Wingerak Engineering Ltd.

Electrical: PWA Engineering Ltd.

Landscape: Oxbow Architecture





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